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Welcome all! I'm Anabel Smith, the creator of Authentic Self!


I’m a chick that is taking a big leap of faith and stepping out into a new venture to create and run a brand that encourages the world to be unapologetically their Authentic Self.


This business was birthed out of the constant urge to create and explore new skills while trying to live a life set apart from the rest of the world and go against some of the norms of this generation. So, my hope is that this brand is not just about the apparel and the products but that it will encourage you to join me on the journey to living authentically. 

I also get the opportunity to work and create with a few local small businesses that are run by some of the greatest people and friends, doing such amazing things.


Go suss out the amazing small businesses I get to work with over on The Rennies website and The Social Vintages site.  



I’m always conscious of the impact this business can have on the planet, and I’m constantly taking steps to create a fully sustainable business that has a bigger positive impact on the earth then it does negative! With that said, all products are handmade and packaged with organic or sustainable materials. 



The Leather that we use is  sourced from Australian manufacturers that are focused on making leather with renewable natural resources. Each piece of leather has its own unique characteristics, embodying the diverse natural markings. 


Our clothing is sourced from ethical and sustainable brands that are focused on creating unique products and minimising the impact the clothing industry has on the environment.  

Head to the contact page and reach out if you have any questions or feedback or if you would like to work together and create some awesome pieces.

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